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What we are doing during this time to assist with COVID-19: We are applying a percentage of each sales to our Non-Profit CHE Cares COVID-19 fundraiser campaign "Masks for Nursing Care Facilities & Correctional Facilities 

 CHE Cares

Apart from our business of hair and eyelash extensions, we are also passionate about our nonprofit organization. Part of the profit we earn at CHE Beauty Products Ltd, Co. actually goes to our organization (read more here). Help us give back to the community by purchasing our
products today!


CHE Cares is our non-profit organization. We have 3 Core Values (CHE Speaks, CHE Express, and CHE Lives). Our aim is to partner with other non-profit organizations' campaigns that aligns with our 3 Core Values. CHE Cares will also sponsor internal projects and campaigns that aligns with our 3 Core Values, like our 'Women Woes Project' workshops, Financial Assistance for Domestic Volience (DV) Families in shelters and at home seeking to transition out of their environment, as well as Prom Dress Collections for Underprivileged youth (with the focus of DV youth), mentorship programs, and Cultural Diversity Sensitivity Assemblies and/or workshops (in schools & in workplaces), etc. All listed is a part of our goal and/or aim for this non-profit organization. In addition, we aim to utilize 4% of all hair extension sales, and 3% of all other beauty products sales sold in our company to fund these non-profit efforts, in addition to grassroots efforts. We are not yet a 501c3 but are working towards this so all your donations and purchases could be tax-deductible per the percentage indicated. Help us get there! Read more about our 3 Core Values below. We are seeking volunteers worldwide! If you are interested, please email us here!


We believe that through external measures, we are able to heal internal matters eternally, for generations.

C H E Cares (Courage Healing Eternally), is a non-profit organization formed by C H E Beauty Products Ltd Co., with 3 Core Values: 


#1 C H E Speaks:

  • Your inner voice, dreams and aspirations are often silenced. Most of all, speaking about a hurtful experience is often silenced.

  • We believe that everyone should be encouraged to break the silence, not for revenge but for self healing.

  • The silence can eat at you but your voice, your honesty will free you. Through our initiatives, and partnerships with like-minded organizations & individuals, we plan to encourage this courage.                 

#2 C H E Express:

  • Giving everyone the basic right to Express individual inner beings is essential to life, is what we believe.

  • Without having the confidence or self assurance to be the person you know you are, can lead one to a long road of misdirection, & could be detrimental to one's soul.

  • This is why we believe Everyone should be able to responsibly express who he or CHE is. Our campaign efforts and collaborations caters to this philosophy. 


  • Giving everyone the tools to prosper individually or collectively.

  • We believe that through mentorship, and a little assistance (financial, spiritual, networking opportunities, & collaboration) we can all meet our goals and be who we were meant to be.

  • Through different programs and workshops, he or CHE lives.

CHE Projects/Campaigns

  • Masks for Nursing Care & Correctional Facilities 

  • The Women Woes Project

  • Boys 2 Men | Women Woes for young men

  • CHE Lives Stipend: Raising $1200 per 12 DV families each per year 

  • Cultural Diversity Sensitivity Assemblies

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